Online brokers, FinTechs, portfolio managers, digital advisors take advantage of leveraging Trading API to automate trade submissions, reporting, trade allocations and track order statuses, positions and account balances.

Qexus offers multi-asset trading functionality and is seamlessly integrated and easily configurable to fit into pre-existing environment. Leverage years of trading technology experience and choose Qexus CFDs Stock trading API to launch new online investing products or enhance existing offerings.


Digital Wealth Management Firms

In a world of digital transformation financial industry has been lagging behind for years. It is rapidly changing now – new ways to invest and improve financial habits pop up every other day.

Qexus enables digital wealth management platforms to connect to capital markets, provide live trading and market data through our Trading API. Build digital advisor and real-time trading applications with Qexus Trading API. Shortcut the route to market and streamline business operations and tech

Education Organizations and Virtual Platforms

Whether you teach general investing and healthy financial habits or a specific strategy to beat the market, you need tools to practice theories and test ideas. Stock Trading API is a perfect solution to provide both simulated and live trading capabilities. Students get access to a safe, risk-free simulated trading environment.

Once ready for live trading, take advantage of trading through many broker partners that run on Qexus Trader Platform. Remove the burden of market connectivity tech and compliance by using modern trading API.


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Why do people choose Qexus?

Easy integration, great documentation and tech support.

Trade Allocations, Fractional Shares Support.

Customizable Trading API with multiple rule engines

Our API powers leading online brokerages in the U.S, Uk, Canada, UAE and 66+ Countries.

Qexus Trading API powers our award-winning Qexus Trader web platform.

Virtual Exchange and simulated (paper) trading for educational, demo and testing purposes.

Pick a pre-integrated connection or establish a new one with the help of Qexus Support Team or using self-service model.

Integrated Back Office application to manage users, accounts, orders, and execution routes.


Lifeblood of Digital Wealth Management and Online Brokerage firms

  • Enables live stock and options trading through an API
  • Automates trading lifecycle
  • Monitors and manages trading activity in real time
  • Maintains positions
  • Downloads SOD (start-of-day) files from the clearing firm/custodian of accounts
  • Automated compliance reports
  • Receives orders and routes them to the appropriate execution venue instantly
  • Tracks the progress of each order through its lifecycle
  • Calculates buying power, margin requirements and account balances of each account in real time
  • Manages trade allocations
  • Sends Drop Copies to all appropriate receivers
  • Uploads EOD (end-of-day) trade files to the clearing firm and reports to regulators
List transactions of a particular user

Passive investing is the foundation, but technology is our innovation.


Qexus solutions puts your money to work automatically, keeping costs and taxes low.

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